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online toys malaysia

  • A country in Southeast Asia; pop. 23,522,000; capital, Kuala Lumpur; languages, Malay (official), English, Tamil, Chinese dialects

  • Malaysia (pronounced or ) is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of .CIA. [https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/my.html The World Fact Book: Malaysia].

  • a constitutional monarchy in southeastern Asia on Borneo and the Malay Peninsula; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1957

  • (malaysian) a native or inhabitant of Malaysia

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H? ten th?t ?
- D.T.Kim Thu.

Nickname c?a b?n la gi ? Co du?c d?t theo ai ko ? T?i sao ?
- T’kEni , d?t theo Rapper n? Lil’Kani . T la ch? cai d?u c?a ten Thu , Keni t?a t?a nhu Kani v?y…v? la fan ham m? ss Lil’Kani.

B?n co anh ch? em khong ?
- Co, cung m? # cha, 2 ch? em thuong yeu nhau l?m.

B?n co l?n sinh nh?t dang nh? nao khong ? C?m giac luc do ?
- Co, du l?ch ngay nhung v?n nh? ro va bay h la qua kh?. B?t ng? & h?nh phuc, ko th? tin du?c.

B?n yeu thich ngon tay nao nh?t ? T?i sao ?
- Ngon ut, nhin xinh.

Khuy?t di?m c?a b?n ?
- M?c b?nh s?ch s?, ki tinh l?n kho tinh, d? nong, s?ng v? dem , hay cham xang vao l?a.

Di?u b?n nghi d?n d?u tien khi th?c d?y la gi ?
- Con th?i gian ng? ti?p khong ?

B?n co ph?i la m?t ngu?i ua m?o hi?m khong ?
- Co.

B?n co bao gi? noi ra di?u gi do ma b?n h?a la gi? bi m?t khong ?
- Tuy

B?n co nghi noi d?i la x?u khong ?
- V?a co v?a khong, noi d?i ch? x?u khi s? s?ng vao m?c dich x?u , n?u ko lam h?i d?n ai , mang l?i ni?m vui cho ngu?i khac thi l?i t?t.

Colors ua thich c?a b?n la ?
- Black , pink , white, yellow & blue.

Mon th? thao b?n ua thich nh?t ?
- Bong r? , khuc con c?u. Danh bai an xi?n cung la 1 mon th? thao chan tay & nghia la no cung n?m trong list c?a minh.

B?n khoai m?c lo?i qu?n ao nhu th? nao ?
- Hiphop style , ca tinh , xu hu?ng vintage, color block trend.

Con s? ua thich ?
- 8 , 9 , 13.

Thang ngay ua thich ?
- 14/9 – mah Bday .

Mon an ua thich ?
- L?u Thai chay, banh canh chay, canh, ph?, canh bun, BBQ, pasta.

B?n co nickname nao hay khong ?
- Co: Piggy, Lu, Su, g?u con.

Di?u d?u tien ma b?n chu y ? m?t ngu?i khac phai la gi ?
- Co Hiphop khong ?

B?n co th? mo t? 1 ngu?i khac phai ma b?n cho la ?n tu?ng khong ?
- Hiphop style.

B?n co thich ch? vi?t c?a b?n khong ?
- Co, r?ng bay phu?ng mua.

B?n co d? dang tin tu?ng vao ngu?i khac khong ?
- Tuy.

Ai la ngu?i hay noi chuy?n di?n tho?i v?i b?n nh?t ?
- Friends.

B?n ghet nh?t lo?i ngu?i nhu th? nao ?
- D?u, b?n, make color.

B?n co bao gi? u?c khong ? B?n co tin no s? tr? thanh hi?n th?c khong ?
- Co. Th?i bu?i nay, ai ma ch? u?c. Obama kon ?oc hu?ng chi la minh. 50% tin la s? thanh hi?n th?c , 50% con l?i do kh? nang , s? k? g?ng c?a b?n than, ko th? ?oc la co dc.

B?n co thich hoang hon khong ?
- Of course.

Khi t?c gi?n, b?n lam gi ?
- M?t khi da ” soi ” thi d?ng li?u m?ng h?y dang lam gi.

N?u co th? tr? thanh ngu?i khac, b?n s? tr? thanh ai ?
- Thinking…

Lo?i kem ua thich b?n hay an ?
- Kem chu?i t? lam t? an.

Th? lo?i nh?c ua thich c?a b?n ?
- Rap , RnB , Pop, Dance (DJ), nh?c giao hu?ng.

Bai hat b?n hay nghe g?n day nh?t la gi ? Tth? cho m?t cau binh lu?n v? no xem ?
- Nonstop c?a DJ Phong Toc dai, len d?nh.

Phim ho?t hinh / anime ua thich c?a b?n?
- KungFu Panda, Toy Story, Tom & Jerry , Phinese and Freb , Sakura , U?c mo chay b?ng (Ballet).

Mua ua thich c?a b?n ? Why ?
- Mua thu . Ten minh d?t theo mua nay , Bday c?a b? va minh d?u vao mua nay , nha minh co b?c tranh to , d?p c?c k? v? r?ng mua thu .

B?n thich gi ? b?n than minh nh?t ?
- Face, co l?.

B?n co ph?i la ngu?i lang m?n khong ? Kien nh?n ko ?
- Ko bi?t.

Ngu?i ma b?n c?m th?y ganh t? nh?t ?
- Uhm…thinking…

Sau nay, co gia dinh, b?n thich s? co con ch? ?
- Ch?c co.

B?n nghi minh s? lam nganh ngh? gi ?
- Ko bi?t n?a: lu?t su, kinh doanh, marketting, lam bao,…v.v . Th?y boi & t? vi d?u phan sau nay minh ra nganh Lu?t .

T? phat am kho khan nh?t c?a b?n la t? gi ?
- Em yeu anh.

Mon an ghet nh?t ?
- Mu t?t.

B?n bi?t bao nhieu ngon ng? ? Va b?n mu?n minh s? bi?t (thong th?o) bao nhieu ngon ng? n?a ?
- Vietnamese, English. Mu?n bi?t them nhi?u.

B?n co th? noi trong t? qu?n ao c?a b?n co bao nhieu b? khong ?
- Khong.

B?n co thich d?c sach khong ? Tac ph?m ua thich c?a b?n la gi ? Cu?n sach b?n d?c g?n day nh?t ?
- Co . Tac ph?m ua thich : R?ng NaUy , Cho toi xin 1 ve di tu?i tho , Chuy?n meo d?y h?i au bay , Harry Porter , H?t gi?ng cho tam h?n , Twilight & 1 s? sach c?a tac gi? Gao, Haruki Murakami, Marc Levy, Nguy?n Nh?t Anh. Sach d?c g?n day nh?t la L?ch s? D?c Ph?t .

B?n co yeu tr? con khong ?
- Co, ch? nh?ng be ngoan.

B?n thich d?n tham quan noi nao nh?t, vi sao v?y ?
- Thanh ph? ma qu? Pattaya (Thailand) , thanh ph? ch? s?ng v? dem thoi, bar la li?t.

Mau m?t ua thich ?
- Mau nau ( gi?ng m?t c?a m? ) & mau xanh bi?n (c?a Kristen Stewat ) .

B?n co thich n?i ti?ng ?
- Ko bi?t.

B?n co h?nh phuc khong ?
- Co l? co.

Ti?n b?c co quan tr?ng khong ?
- Khong, nhung t?n sau ben trong thi no la th? qua quan tr?ng.

Lo?i phuong ti?n ua thich c?a b?n ?
- Helicopter =)).

Phong rieng c?a b?n nhu th? nao ?
- Binh thu?ng, dang tinh dan tu?ng.

B?n co suu t?p cai gi khong ?
- Khong.

Di?u gi la quan tr?ng nh?t d?i v?i b?n ?
- Family, friends, love (n?u co).

N?u m?t vi?c ma nhi?u ngu?i cho r?ng vo v?ng, b?n co lam hay khong?
- Di?u d?u tien , d?ng bao gi? nghi no vo v?ng, hay tin la b?n s? lam dc .

B?n co tin tren d?i nay co nh?ng di?u kh

online toys malaysia

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