Best Toys For 18 Months Old : Megatron Transformer Toys

Best Toys For 18 Months Old

best toys for 18 months old

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I hate LA Fitness

I hate LA Fitness

Day 112
January 29

Today I left Elizabeth and Katherine in the child center at the LA Fitness (which sucks as it is--barely any toys or anything to do for kids). They told me to leave Elizabeth in the car seat. When I came back an hour later, she was still in the seat! Nice...

Then when we were getting ready to leave, this man asks me, "Is that your kid out there? running into the street?" WHAT!! No, my children are right here with me.

These people did not even notice a child got out of the gate and out of the doors of the child center and then out of the doors of the front of the gym!! I WAS LIVID PIST!! How the hell does a little boy (about 18 months old) get out past a ton of people!?

My hands were shaking, I was so upset. I went to the manager and yelled about the whole incident. His defense was that he caught the boy. I said, "well what if there had been a huge line here?" He actually said, "I would have made them wait then." Are you kidding me? "I meant what if you didn't see the boy walk out BECAUSE there was a huge line?" He tried to assure me that this was the first time this had ever happen. He said the 2 woman in the child center are 2 of the best that they have. hahaha. Anyone could walk out the door with a child because they don't check names, id's, anything! I am so mad!!

We are canceling our membership immediately. I would not feel safe leaving my children there again. I wonder if they even told the boy's parents about the incident when they came to pick him up later....

Edison full-length

Edison full-length

EDISON is a very handsome, approximately 18 month old Pit mix who’s social, playful and a little goofy :-)
He likes to play with his toys, and is very interested in food treats - he should be lots of fun to train. He likes to play with other dogs and would probably enjoy the dog park, though his boisterous playstyle probably makes him best placed as the only dog in a home.
Edison will do well in a committed home where he’ll get good exercise and ongoing training.

Edison lives in Kennel 35.
For more information contact

best toys for 18 months old

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